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B-2-B Business Development Referral Program

Networking and Collaboration is essential to success. Why work alone when we can generate revenue together.

You're an industry professional. You’ve worked in a shopping channel, at an agency, as a manufacturer’s rep, or for a production facility and you see client opportunities all the time. Now is the time to join the acquirgy B-2-B Business Development Referral Program. You’ll earn commissions simply for referring clients that end up doing business with us. Your clients will be successful and you’ll earn revenue. It’s that easy!

Acquirgy is the premier multichannel customer acquisition direct marketing ad agency. We operate across all offline and online digital channels. Our specialties include:  Award winning script-to-screen DRTV (Direct Response Television), the most comprehensive array of Search Marketing (SEM) Products and Services, including SEM Full Management, SEM Consulting, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and scalable Lead Generation Platforms to acquire leads and customers.

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