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The Power of an Offer

We say it all the time: great creative and a bad offer won’t work.
Not-so-great creative with a powerful offer will work every time.
Same goes for a product. Combine an incredible offer with even a not-so-great product and watch the action happen right before your own eyes.

HP dropping the price on their not so great tablet to $99.99 and $149.99 (from $499.99 and $599.99) had the effect they were looking to achieve. Virtually the entire stock of units was sold out in a matter of days. Our client CDW in fact saw the effect first- hand. After watching a week of pretty good SEM brand key word sales overall, CDW saw an increase in transactions of almost 400% on Monday 8/22, the day HP lowered its prices. Virtually all of this increase was tracked to the sales of the HP Tablet.

Even more evidence supporting the power of an offer – although SEM impressions were off 13%, clicks were up 77%! And as a result of all this increased activity, cost-per-click dropped 40% improving the A/S ratio by 40% and creating an extremely profitable event for CDW.

All of this occurred for a product that was discontinued because of lack of sales and support.
Some powerful real life metrics support our acquisition best practice of using strong offers to drive trial of new products. Especially since our offers support products that actually deliver on their consumer promises for our clients.  

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