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Our DRTV Lab™ is behind our industry-leading success rate, and can help you determine if your product or service is destined for greatness or isn’t right for DRTV. 

DRTV LabThe experts in our lab analyze dozens of aspects of any product or service to determine if it’s feasible to promote it using DRTV. This audit helps you understand why your product or service is a good or bad candidate, and what it will take to dramatically increase the chances for success. A few of the many factors analyzed are market potential, multi-channel opportunity, margin, DRTV criteria score and more.
The DRTV Lab™ output is a blueprint for success, giving you the ability to understand what it will take to use DRTV to sell product or services in a ROI-positive scenario. On the flip side, it will prevent you from wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on DRTV campaigns that probably won’t work.
To learn more, contact Linda Chaney, SVP, Business Development:
Phone: 727-576-6630, Ext . 158



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