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Direct Response Television (DRTV)

Proven Expertise That Drives Direct-To-Consumer and Retail Sales While Enhancing Brands

Our veteran team has created over 300 game-changing long-form and short-form DRTV campaigns, based on 25 strategies, most or all of which are used in every effort. Marketing, ROI, creative, offer and content strategy is why our success rate is 35 times the industry average.

Our clients enjoy fast turn-around times, real-time analysis, tweaking and optimization as we have so many pieces of the puzzle under one roof. Writers and editors are seconds away from analysts, strategists, creative, directors and offline and online support staff.

Changes to supportive search and digital programs are made quickly in order to maximize new customer volume.

Top-Level DRTV Services:

Pre production Services Online Integration
• Scripting
• Storyboarding
• Casting
• Set design
• Construction
• Location scouting
• Landing pages
• Microsites
• Search services including benchmarking for DRTV and combined media/search results analysis
Production Telemarketing and Fulfillment
• Studio/Location
• HD filming
• Audio recording
• Coordinate telemarketing setup
• Telephone reps that can also sell
Post production Response Tracking
• Full HD editing
• Audio mastering
• Scoring
•Proprietary iFactz reporting
•CoreDirect from COREMedia


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