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eBook - Beyond Traditional DRTV

A Conrad Fink/Acquirgy eBook
BEYOND TRADITIONAL DRTV: DROV - Direct Response Online Video


Thanks to the web we are all watching TV in ways that were unimaginable just two years ago. So, how do you as a marketer speak to these changing viewing habits and reach your audience when they are not watching TV? What strategies can you employ to take advantage of these channels and get your video content to work harder for you to make sales? New online video tools allow direct response marketers to embrace and benefit from the rapidly changing ways in which viewers are watching TV.

This is not a trend or a phase, but rather the direction in which marketing has moved. It is here to stay. And It’s all in this groundbreaking eBook:

  • Where The Boys Are > The latest online video viewership stats
  • A Match Made in Heaven > How the web makes DR and online video a great combination
  • How It Works > The nuts and bolts behind “DROV”
  • The 500 lb. Gorilla > Pro’s and con’s of YouTube for DROV
  • You Can Lead Them to Water > New platforms for DRTV marketers
  • Like a Tree in the Forest > Getting DROV in front of consumers
  • The Agency Perspective
  • Conclusion


Who Should Read This eBook

Beyond Traditional DRTV: DROV – Direct Response Online Video is a must for any executive involved in a company that is currently using DRTV, considering using it, in RFP mode to select an agency, or wondering why a past DRTV campaign failed or was marginal.


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