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An acquirgy/Swipe Payment Solutions eBook
Getting Paid in the Digital Age

Show Me The Money

While almost every DRTV marketer has the ability to accept credit card payments, there is a lot of mystery surrounding how these services work, and what you can do to avoid chargebacks and actually increase sales based on payment offerings. This first of two eBooks covers the key issues surrounding payment options for DRTV marketers. Sections:

  • Choosing the Right Payment Processor
  • Should You Have Multiple Credit Card Accounts?
  • Understanding the Net Effective Rate
  • How to Avoid Chargebacks
  • What’s Behind Underwriting Approval
  • Learn About the Importance of Payment Gateways
  • The Agency Perspective

Who Should Read This eBook

This eBook is must reading for any executive involved in any company that is currently using DRTV, considering using it, in RFP mode to select an agency, or wondering why a past DRTV campaign failed.

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