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Exclusive Tactics

We’re extremely proud of the technology platforms and acquisition programs we’ve developed that are unique in our industry:


iTrackz iTrackz™ technology will prevent you from cancelling profitable DRTV media placements and dramatically enhance the ability to optimize DRTV campaigns. Learn More

DRTV Lab DRTV Lab™ is behind our industry-leading success rate, and can help you determine if your product or service is destined for greatness or isn’t right for DRTV. Learn More

 Retail Subsidy Model The Retail Subsidy Model makes it easy to understand how DRTV media, purchased at 30% to 50% or more off rate card, can fuel a campaign that drives retail sales into the stratosphere. Learn More

 Pinpointer Pinpointer™ combines traditional search, social, display, mobile and other digital platforms to identify consumers searching for products and services who are ready to buy. Learn More


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