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Online Cases


BlackberryFor Blackberry Business, We Used a Multi-Tactic Approach to Meet Client Objectives for Volume and Cost-Per-Lead

PedigreeLearn How Acquirgy Identified and Captured Email Addresses of 1 Million Owners of Young Puppies Within 90 Days for Pedigree

GaiaLearn How Acquirgy Generated 12 Million Impressions, 70,000 Clicks, 4,000 Emails and a 78% Registration Rate on a Low Budget Mobile Campaign for Online Gaming Site Gaia

Acquirgy Prudently Tested Mobile for Just For Men and Generated 384,000 Impressions and 4,500 Clicks on a Low Budget Program 

Learn How Our First Foray Into Using eBay on a PPC Basis Resulted in over 1MM Impressions and A/S Ratio Below Goal for

Our Just For Men Co-Branded Promotion with for Client Just For Men using the Google Display Network Doubled the Client’s Goal and Produced 113,000 Clicks for Coupon Downloads


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