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Why Acquirgy

Why Consider Acquirgy for Multichannel Customer Acquisition?
Because It’s The Smart Thing To Do. Here’s Why.


  With over 300 multichannel campaigns under our belt,  we know what works, and what doesn’t. Our foundation of quality research and accurate  financial models is the cornerstone on which great campaigns are built.


  We have many long-term clients, who stick with us because we produce results, year-in and year-out. And we’re easy to work with, have boundless energy for true partnerships and we’re just good people as well.


  We’ve attracted top experienced talent – pros that know how to make the right calls and execute seamlessly – plus younger bright minds that we train extensively so that they become tomorrow’s stars.


  Our culture, work ethic, integrity and ROI focus stem from our leaders who have instilled an environment for success, based on their business experience at agencies and clients and as digital pioneers.


  Winning in our world is results. We take great pride in having delivered millions of customers worth billions in revenues for our clients. Pure and simple, the bottom line is the only line.


  Finding the right balance between human brainpower and technology is critical. Too much of one and too little of another never works. We’ve honed our people/machine model to get the best results from each.


  We combine proven and profitable workhorses – DRTV and paid search – with a wide range of promising platforms, testing those prudently. We treat every dollar clients invest as if it was our own.


  We’ve continuously refined our multichannel formula over the last 15 years to the point where we have supreme confidence that clients we take on will be successful.


  With so many campaigns in 50 different verticals under our belt, we have built up an enormous amount of learning, which we apply where appropriate to new clients.


  Even with technology used correctly, the amount of detail in executing campaigns successfully is staggering. We’ve built systems and processes so that we get it right, every time.


  Our most exponentially successful clients are those that trust our proactive recommendations to be prudently tested, in order to uncover new sources of customers.


  Constant analysis, tweaking and optimizing fills the entire day of our experienced analysts, who are always looking to squeeze every possible dollar of profit from each campaign.


  We always tell it like it is, even if it’s not music to your ears. Being forthright and recommending material changes leads to better results.

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