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Cross Atlantic Capital Partners

About Cross Atlantic Capital Partners

CACP is a venture capital firm with a distinct perspective.

They manage four venture funds with over $500 million in total capital under management and their track record shows that they produce top quartile/decile returns to their investors.

Their primary investment focus is in the commercialization of patented or specialty know-how in early to mid-stage technology companies and they offer their portfolio companies the essentials of success: a sound reputation, significant financial resources, seasoned business experience, and a network of relationships. CACP believes in creating reliable and strong relationships of lasting value, through every stage of business growth.

Internet Capital Group

About Internet Capital Group

From its inception in 1996, ICG has built an outstanding management team, deep industry expertise and a powerful network of partner companies.

Having survived the extremely challenging technology environment and the volatility of the capital markets of the past several years, ICG has developed exceptional expertise. They’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and they recognize the characteristics and support necessary to build profitable, sustainable companies.

The ICG business model was designed to leverage their knowledge and experience, as well as their financial resources.

The ICG team uses its assets to give its partner companies a competitive edge on their road to profitability and industry leadership. These include various levels of operational assistance and capital support as well as guidance on best practices, and a strategic network of business relationships.

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